Tales of Graces Wii Bundle & DLC + Tales of Vesperia PS3 New Wallpaper

The Tales of Graces official site has been updated today with info on a Wii bundle for a game and the opening of the Special section. The Special section just opened a small page for BoA and the theme song. Also, Play-Asia.com now has the game up for pre-order for only $74.90.

Pre-order Tales of Graces from Play-Asia!
The Wii bundle, being called the Tales of Graces Special Bag will include the game, a Wii console and a Classic Controller Pro. It will be released on the same day as Graces for 27,800 Yen (roughly $300). There are no images for the bundle yet.

new scanA new scan also reveals some of the game'sdownloadable content. The DLCs are accessed via Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection service and require Nintendo Points. Among the confirmed DLCs include Additional Chats (skits? 300 Points), an Asbel Costume Title (200 Points), a weapon for Asbel (100 Points), a Duarise raw materials set (100 points), a Sophie Titles set (100 Points) and a CC+1 (100 Points). The scan also reveals that the mini-game Kamenin Merchant will be available for download on November this year.

Lastly, the Tales of Vesperia PS3 official site has been updated with a new wallpaper. You can download it below:

new wall
1280x1024 | 1024x768

The Tales of Graces section of AC has also been edited with Yume's corrections.

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