Tales of Innocence R: New Screenshots, New Dungeons & More New Mystic Artes

A batch of new screenshots were released today for Tales of Innocence R, along with the names of the game's new dungeons and areas plus the other characters' new Mystic Artes/Hi-Ougis.

Ruca, Iria and Spada's new MAs have already been previously revealed. This time, we finally get to see the other characters' MAs:


Ruca's New Mystic Arte: ????? (Hien Gouhazan)

Iria's New Mystic Arte: ?????????? (Absolute Zero)

Spada's New Mystic Arte: ????? (Juuou Raijinken)

Ange's New Mystic Arte: ????? (Kouyoku Seidankou)

Ricardo's New Mystic Arte: ????????? (Phantom Call)

Hermana's New Mystic Arte: ????? (Ryuuga Tenketsusen)

QQ's Mystic Arte: ?????????? (Imperial Spear)

Kongwai's Mystic Arte: ???????? (Silent End)

The new dungeons and areas of the game have also been revealed:


1.) Fulfi Forest ( ??????, furufi no mori) - A forest with an illusion-like beauty found near the Imperial Capital Regnum.
2.) Regnum Pass ( ?????, regunamu touge) - A rugged mountain road.
3.) Forest of Grief ( ????, urei no mori) - A forest with stone paving that's begun to rot.
4.) Garam Port ( ????, garamu kou) - A port town-like plaza harbor.
5.) Coda's Village ( ?????, kooda no sato) - A small village where Coda's race lives in.

Aside from that, the article pretty much talks about just the cooking system and the return of the Wonder Chef.The rest of the screenshots are here. Pre-orders for Tales of Innocence R are now open on Play-Asia: Japan VersionAsia Version

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