Tales of Innocence R's Hidden Dungeon Hints A Tales of the Tempest Remake Too

You've all just seen the report on hints of a Tales of Hearts remake in Tales of Innocence R's hidden dungeon. It looks like that won't be all. One more CG was found in the said hidden dungeon, this time hinting at a possible remake for Tales of the Tempest.UPDATE (January 28, 2011): One more picture found!

Tales of the Tempest was originally released for the Nintendo DS. Though initially considered a mothership title, the poor reception and harsh critiques it received from the fans had its status downgraded to that of just an escort title. If this is true, we may hopefully see its original status restored.

Some are still saying that this may just be a really nice cameo (including myself, to some extent anyway), but if you'll think about it, this info actually coincides with what the Tales of Innocence R Adventure Skit pre-order bonus says, where both Shing and Caius, the main heroes for Tales of Hearts and Tales of the Tempest respectively, yell out that they want an adventure in the PSVita, too.

But as such, this will still be considered a rumor for now. All of this is just pure speculation.

Speaking of speculations. Some people believe that since these images were found in the hidden/extra dungeon called "Triverse Gate", Namco Bandai has 3 games planned to undergo the re-imagination treatment: Innocence R, Hearts R and Tempest R.

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