Tales of Link Localization Possibly Coming out March/April 2016

Smartphone game pre-registration platform Prelaunch.me has apparently leaked the upcoming English release of Tales of Link, along with a pre-registration bonus.
PreLaunch.Me revealed that Tales of Link will be localized sometime inMarch/April 2016 for both Android & iOS devices (iOS link here).

According to Prelaunch, Tales of Link will be released in English this April 2016. Pre-registering for the game via the Prelaunch app/platform will earn you a 5-Star [Wild Girl] Sophie (Tales of Graces) character.

Tales of Link is a smartphone game currently available for both iOS and Android in Japan. The game features a completely new story featuring new characters as well as a whole bunch of Tales characters from different games. It runs on a "Touch-Link Battle System" wherein there are a total of 9 characters in active battle at one time.

The game will seem to be in its original Japanese voices. Prelaunch also released the game's story. Since it's a bit... Engrishy, I took the liberty of editing it based on the story we translated before from the Japanese release.

In a world where myth still remains, "Leafees."

Someone has broken the seal of the holy shrine in the heavenly world, and now the "Seeds of Ruin" have been unleashed, piercing through the body of the gods and are now scattered throughout heaven and the land.

The Seeds of Ruin are cores of sealed demons. If these seeds that have drained the powers of the gods were to sprout on the land, they will bring inevitable disaster and threaten the peace of the world.

Time passes...

At a field of grass, a fairy and a young girl appear in front of you. They have two motives: First is to seal the scattered Seeds of Ruin and cleanse the world, and the other is to find the man who broke the seal in the first place.

The fairy tells you that you have the power to achieve their goals - you are the Savior with the power of "Stonecanting" and are able to read the track of holy wars carved on Hero Stones. You grant the fairy's wish and embark on this journey, this journey no one knows of.

So far, the Prelaunch app is available only to US, Canada, Australia and UK. We currently don't know how the availability of the actual Tales of Link app will be. We'll find out soon enough next month.

Tales of Link also has a bunch of original characters. You can read all about them from our translations from the previous Japanese info here.