Tales of Link Teaser Site Now Open, Scans From Tales of Magazine Added

Upcoming Tales game for smartphones "Tales of Link" got its teaser site open today.

So far, nothing much on the site aside from this lovely visual art and the message "When the Calamity falls to the earth from the heavens, hope will once again be born from the earth."

Here are scans from the October issue of Tales of Magazine, thanks to lunawings from Tumblr. My mistake, the info from the previous post wasn't from Jump, but was from Tales of Magazine:


You can check our previous post for info about the characters.

Below is the game's story. Again, romanization of names are not yet official:

The world left from the legends - Riafeace ( ??????, riafiisu) -
A peaceful world where the gods from the heavens watch over those above ground.
But one day, that peace was destroyed.
Someone had destroyed the seal of the palace of the heavens,
The once sealed Seeds of Calamity pierced through the gods' bodies and infecting them, and the Seeds had fallen to the ground.[Seeds of Calamity]These were once sealed but is now causing calamity on the earth. They are the core of evil beasts. They had stored power during the time they were sealed, and managed to take away the power of the gods and fell on the earth, where they are now budding. It unavoidably threatens the peace on the ground - such as taking the form of a dragon and burning down villages, or taking the form of a human in order to deceive the people.

By chance, one goddess was able to escape with much difficulty - Leone. She plans to collect all of the Seeds and seal them once again. However, in order to prevent the Seeds all over the world from budding, Leone has to pour all of her power into the heavens, and hence cannot collect the Seeds herself. Hence, she has tasked one of the fairies that serve her: descend to the ground and locate the "Messiah" in order to seal the Seeds once again.

- And then time passed -

In a meadow where there is nothing, a fairy and a young girl suddenly appear. They are after two things: to once again seal the Seeds of Calamity that have fallen on the ground and purify this world; and to find out exactly who is behind the Seeds of Calamity falling to the ground.

And then, the fairy speaks. "The tracks that a hero has undertaken, the power of a hero engraved from the holy war, a 'reading stone.' If it is you, you can do it," it says. (translator's note: I'm sorry, I'm having a lot of trouble with this line. I really can't understand it.)

Listening to the fairy's wishes, the comrades now embark on a journey in this vast world. No one knows what awaits them at the end of their journey of purification.

I'm actually a bit confused about the prologue - in Japanese, the last three paragraphs you see above are told in a way where it's from the reader's point of view - I just edited it a bit to make it not appear like that. Now I'm not sure, but maybe you're to make your own character for this game...? Since I'm looking at logo and the main visual and though the girl does look like Sara, the guy doesn't look like Shiza at all.

So here's what I'm speculating: either you really make your own character for this game, or the guy will be revealed next time. Leaning more on the former.

The game will be available on the Japan Apple App Store and Google Play this fall 2013.

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