Tales of Rebirth PSP Now Out!

Haha, managed to login after my Chem exam... So yes, Tales of Rebirth for the PSP is now officially out! Congrats to everyone who are getting their games!And we'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who preordered the game via our Play-Asia link! We're only $7 away from that much awaited contest (which, up until now, I still don't know what kind of contest it will be, so suggestions are most welcome. Please, I need them D=. Don't worry though, the prize'll be massive XD).

And as usual, the Tales Channel will be holding another survey of the game for a wallpaper. It'll start this 27th of March, and will end on the 25th of May. Expect the wallpaper to be up in our gallery by the 27th or the 28th.

I'm planning to finish all those pending site updates within this month, because it seems I won't be online that much within this summer after all. I'm getting a summer job this summer (yes, I want a 360 that badly XD), and it seems that it will be keeping me pretty preoccupied... -sigh-

And lastly, just a note to my friends up on YouTube... YouTube suspended my account just because I posted an AMV of the ToP OVA with the song True Light from D.N.Angel >_>... So, my new account is http://www.youtube.com/abby745, so please add me D=...

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