Tales of the Abyss Anime Fandisc Cast Questioning Begins!

My bad, apparently, this was the questionnaire about asking the voice acting cast some questions which they will answer in the fandisc. I really should stop doing updates when I'm in the middle of reviewing for an exam >.>... I'm sorry guys >.Anyway, your questions to the cast~.

The form looks like this (translated, click for full view). The button at the right is the "submit" button.:


And to help you guys out, here's a list of the voice actors and their roles, and the Japanese counterparts:

Chihiro Suzuki ( ?????? ) as Luke ? ???? ); Yukana ( ????? ) as Tear ? ???? ); Takehito Koyasu ( ?????? ) as Jade ? ????? ?; Haruko Momoi ( ??????? ) as Anise ????? ?; Yasunori Matsumoto ( ?????? ) as Guy ? ??? ?; Michiko Neya ( ??????? ) as Natalia ? ????? ?; Miki Maruyama ( ?????? ) as Mieu ??????

So, if you know a bit of Japanese, go ahead and give your question! The cast will have a segment in the fandisc, answering as many questions as they can possibly answer. The voting will be available until the 16th. The Tales of the Abyss Special Fandisc will be released on December 22 of this year.

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