Tales of Vesperia PS3 Official Site Update - Battle System and PSN Downloads

(Late news post, early video upload. Blame Jeanna D'Arc) The Tales of Vesperia PS3 Official Website's System Section has been updated today with pages on the Battle System and PSN Downloads.

PS3 Savage Wolf Fury Bushin Soutenha
The Battle System pages pretty much look the same as the Xbox 360 site's (both have pages on Overlimit use, Burst Artes, Fatal Strikes, Encounter Link and Mystic Artes) , save for a few new screenshots here and there. You'll notice that there are also screenshots of everyone's second Mystic Artes. The last page of the battle system have full videos of Yuri's Savage Wolf Fury and Yuri and Flynn's Bushin Soutenha ( ????? ). The Savage Wolf Fury in the video is almost the same as the one in the Xbox 360 version except for better added sound effects.

KEROROThe Downloads page has a list of downloadable items from the PlayStation Network. Typical downloads can be found here, such as a materials set, skill sets for everyone and the gel set. You can also find the other previously announced downloads here, such as Karol's Sgt. Frog costume (500 Yen), the Abyss costumes for Yuri, Flynn and Estelle (via a download code if you pre-ordered the game) and the Tales of VS. skit. (via a download code if you have a copy of Tales of VS.).

Also added two new magazine scans concerning Tales of Graces, though the info in them is old. (Scan 1 | Scan 2)

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