Tales of Vesperia Official Website: HUGE Update!

The Tales of Vesperia Website has "officially" opened. The first page you see is a nice picture of Yuri & Estelle. Hover your mouse over Yuri & Estelle and you can see Japanese text that appear on the right & left of Estelle respectively. On the left, you have your Navigation bar. I'll go through them and give a brief overview of each:

NOTE: After visiting a page, click the yellow tab on the left to see the Navigation bar again.

-Page with all the updates. The first update shown here is just the official opening of the website.

Product Information
(Thanks to cutepresea for posting the translation! )

Release date: 2008
Manufacturer's suggested retail price: To be determined
Genre: To enforce one's "justice" RPG
Platform: Xbox 360
Number of Players: 1 (with 4 in battles)
CERO rating: not rated yet

-Here is a page dedicated to the main characters of the game. There are only 4 pages right now, but each have a detailed description about the character. Along with the character pages, each of them (Except Repede) has a "Voice" tab which allows you to listen to a short quote by the character. It is opened in a new window. For Windows, it's in Windows Media Player. I dunno about Mac users though, sorry. ):

-This page is split into four tabs:

Tab 1: World* - The first page in this tab has a brief description of the world in general (That's what I think.), and the second page in this tab talks about four areas in the world by clicking on their image. *

Tab 2: Story - A brief description of the game's storyline.
Tab 3: Screenshots - A gallery of screenshots. So far, there are only 20.
Tab 4: ??? - A page under development.

*Thanks to Wilhelm for giving us the heads up on the four areas and cutepresea for telling us what this tab is called. =D

System (Thanks RyuHiroshi & cutepresea! )
-Another unreleased page. Probably gonna talk about the game's RPG system and controls.

-This page is split into three tabs:

Tab 1: Theme Song - I think it's the same information revealed before about BONNIE PINK & the song "Ring A Bell".

Tab 2: Blog - Opens a new window to someone's blog! I'm guessing it's a Developer's Blog. Could reveal some information of Vesperia that isn't on the main website.

Tab 3: Download - A page with posted items you can download onto your computer. Nothing new here, just the Yuri & Estelle wallpapers in the Wallpaper section, and the same Vesperia screensaver in the Screensaver section.

-It's the page which was titled "Promotion Movie" before. Clicking on it will open that same pop up window. A link will be provided to our original news post about the movie, if you don't understand what the page is for.

And that's pretty much it. Of course, if you have anything to add to this overview of the website, it is greatly appreciated. It is best to tell us by commenting, but e-mail works too. (:

Tales of Vesperia Official Website
Tales of Vesperia Developers Blog
- Promotion Video News Post (http://abyssalchronicles.com/index.php?fn_mode=fullnews&fn_id=62)