ToS OVA Tethe'alla Arc PV1 Now Up! + More ToV Costume pics + New ToG Scans

The Official site of the Tales of Symphonia OVA - Tethe'alla arc has updated with its first PV! The song being used is the opening song of the first arc, ALMATERIA. I guess the opening song won't change then.

Trailer Trailer
pot skills
Also, thanks to cutepresea, we now have low quality scans of Estelle's Vengeful Holy Knight (Chloe) costume and Raven's Go-getter Hitman (Ricardo) costume. It also has Karol's Red Dual Swords School (Lloyd) outfit. Mind you, they're really low quality, so we can't get a good glimpse at Raven...

And again! Thanks to cutepresea, we got 2 new Tales of Graces scans. The first one talks about the the Eles Pot System and the second one is about the Skills that come with the titles. Details can be found in the previous post. The previous post has also been edited with the scans.