Tales of Vesperia PS3 - More Costumes + More ToG Info + ToVS. Official Guide

Though there actually isn't a scan yet, info has surfaced that more cameo outfits will be available for Tales of Vesperia PS3.

Karol as Sgt. Keroro

*NEW! - A new scan from Famitsu features another costume for Karol. This time, Karol as Sergeant Keroro/Sgt. Frog.




Aside from Karol having Lloyd Irving and Judith having Rutee Kartret's costume, info says that Estelle will be having a Chloe Valens (Tales of Legendia) costume, while Raven will be having a Ricardo Soldato (Tales of Innocence) costume. No scans have surfaced yet, but it did come from a reliable source, so...

New Costumes for Karol, Estelle and Raven»»» Karol (Lloyd costume) "?????" (akai nitouryuu, literally "Red Dual Swords School")
»»» Estelle (Chloe costume) "??????" (fukushuu no kiyoshi kishi, "Vengeful Holy Knight")
»»» Raven (Ricardo costume) "????????" (sugoude no hittoman, "Go-getter Hitman")

uri and Flynn's New Dual Hi-OugiYuri and Flynn's Bushin Soutenha ( ????? ) is also confirmed to be a dual hi-ougi requiring both characters to be in the party, but the requirements on how to unleash it hasn't been revealed yet.

New Tales of Graces Scan 1 New Tales of Graces Scan 2
And again, though no scans yet, new Tales of Graces info has surfaced. A new system called an Eles Pot System will be used. You place materials in and create items or cook food while walking. Another new addition is that Titles will now have skills with them. There will be two types of skills coming from the Titles: Equip Effect skills that work only when you have the title equipped and Mastery Skills can be learned by gathering skill points, letting you use them even without the title equipped once mastered. Thanks toKouli for this info.

Tales of VS. Official Complete GuideLastly, the Tales of VS. Official Complete Guide will be out sometime this September. The guide will include full analysis of stats, available skills, best strategies and possible combos for the 35 playable characters, as well as their complete and detailed walkthrough for Yggdrasill Story Mode, all having complementary screenshots. It also includes interviews with the staff and a guide on Tales of Wall Breaker. It will also come with a password for access to a Special Battle.


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