Two New RM2 Videos + ToH Gallery Update

They finally updated the Story page of RM2's official site.


I believe I've already put up a brief sneak peek of the story before, but might as well translate what's on the site (exclusive to here only, please). Oh, and it comes with a video containing the game's prologue as well:

"The people, blessed with the power of Mana, live their lives happily in the world of Granide (???? - GURANIDE).
An old legend goes that once the peace of this world is disturbed, the World Tree would produce a brave hero, the 'Descender.'

In Granide, there is a known guild called the 'Van Eltia' which has a ship as its base. A young girl, Kanonno, who is a member of this guild witnesses a strange occurence to the World Tree, a light from it reaching the heavens.

From the sky, a certain youth appears, and drops off on the deck.
However, our hero apparently lost his memories upon the impact of falling from the sky. He doesn't know anything, be it who he is, his motives, nor his memories.

Even still, he is a Descender, brought upon to this world, its peace beginning to be disturbed."

There's also one more video, showing the refinement menu. As usual, gather materials, then refine. Some rare items can only be obtained through refinement.

Also added a few new official art from the ToH Blog to the ToH Gallery.

BTW, Abyss 14 has been ready for a while now, but Aka's (our encoder) been MIA for the past few days. Hopefully nothing has happened to him >__<;; As for 15, it's been translated already, just being timed/edited.

BTW#2: Happy 1,000,000 hits ^__^/! Thanks to everyone who support AC!

BTW#3: There have been two people who have sent me their own reviews for ToS-DotNW... but they didn't leave their contact information. If you were the one who submitted either of these, could you please leave an e-mail or something? I need something that will link back to you. Thank you ^^/

BTW#4: Congratulations to cutepresea for winning a Nintendo Wii (OMG XD) from TalesBrigade's Tales Channel 3~!

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