Site Updates~

... I'm feeling pretty industrious for some reason... The following sections have been added:
|| Other Downloads Page - as of now, it only consists of extra downloads, such as those ToV icons, AIM icons, plus some Tales fonts, like Melnics and the Fonic Alphabet.
|| Tales of Hearts Video Downloads Page - contains the first trailer plus the two new trailers.
|| Tales of Hearts Audio Downloads Page - contains the audio for the legend of the sleeping princess (translation there), the ToH site BGM, the ToH story page BGM, and the interviews with the seiyuus of Shing, Kohak, Innes and Hisui.

The following sections have been updated:
|| Lyrics Page - Added lyrics for Kane wo Narashite with translation, courtesy of Tales Otaku (
|| Tales of Vesperia Audio Page - updated with the OST, courtesy ofDimentio from the Tales Forums.
|| Videos Page - changed its layout a bit to make it look better somehow. Will do the same for the Audio section sometime.

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