ToR PSP, ToS-R, and ToDDC Updates from Tales Channel~

Okay, first off, for Tales of Rebirth PSP, a preorder bonus has been confirmed, called Dramatic DVD: Peach Pie Edition (lol), which will be containing footage of Jump Festa 2008, interview with the voice actors, and the usual skits.


Also, character pages for the remaining characters have been put up, plus information on the arena system, and the new skills of your enemies, complete with their new Hi-Ougi cut ins~ Screenshots can be found here.

For ToS-R, they have updated with character info on the characters we talked about in the last post, Aqua and Tenebrae (info on them will be up soon on this site, please wait a couple of days), info on the skit system, and animation and in-game screenshots. Screenshots can be found in the site's gallery, here. It seems that Aqua and Tenebrae are both centurions of Ratatosk. Tenebrae is of the dark element, while Aqua, obviously, is of water. They've also updated with the character info on Regal, Sheena, and Presea. And since the old ToS characters now have different roles than in the original ToS, we will be putting up character pages for them separately in the ToS-R section.

As for ToDDC, they've updated the Special section with a commentary of Pierre de Chaltier's voice actor. Speaking of the Special section, we've uploaded the commentaries to the Tales of Destiny Audio section.

And we'd like to greet Wings of an Angel a belated Happy 1st Anniversary~! You've done well! Visit their site for their first anniversary mass release!

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