Vesperia Updates + Other Stuff

The ToV Main Site has just been updated today. They added wallpapers of Judith now, and are available over at our gallery (links below). They've put up a new "Guild Members" subsection under the Story section. As of now, it's only featuring members of Karol's guild, the Hunting Blades Guild (US name). They are Clint, Tison, and Nan. You'll recognize them as the trio in black in the first trailer. The System page has also been updated with info on Hi-Ougis and Encounter Linking.

Also, the official Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk guide book (Japanese) was also released the same day of the game's release. It costs 1,200 Yen.

Please wait next weekend for site/media updates of the site. We've had a bunch of contributions (derek and cutepresea~), and we'd like to thank them a lot for this. I'm going to put up media that has been pending for a while now as well, like Tales of Innocence's opening video, as well as the Tales of Innocence review >_< (oh it's here, it's done... in my Botany notebook XD); I'll try to get all these screenshots and official art in the hard disk uploaded to the gallery as well. They're making the PC hang.

Also, to spend your time, why not look at these new screenshots of ToV from GamesRadar? In fact, why not read this somewhat hilarious article on the game as well. Enjoy~

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Fullview is your friend.

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