Tales of Asteria - Recollections of Eden Chapter: New Trailer

Latest trailer for the next chapter in Tales of Asteria, Recollections of Eden, shows off more of the opening song, scenes and more!

This trailer details the continuation from the last chapter, The Land of Crystal & Guiding Light. The cutscenes we see here also show off several familiar characters as a unit against the main characters of this chapter. Check out the trailer here:

The official website for this chapter was also updated--particularly the Story and Character pages. The Story page has a prologue added, while the Character page confirms that Lazaris (Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3) & Van Grants (Tales of the Abyss) will both have major roles in this chapter.

Update: Check out the trailer English subbed by Kotowari & AC Staff DimensionSlip!

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  • DCHShadow

    Dang it namco, I wanted this game way more than link, but you gave us freaking link. This story is leagues better, dang it namco

    • InfinityAge11

      Maybe we'll get Asteria in time. I hope we do.

      • DCHShadow

        Don't get your hopes up. Namco still doesn't care about the world. If anything, rays would get localized.

  • straydog12

    the only thing I need to be dang with is.

  • InfinityAge11

    Bwuh, I just noticed that (at least in the screenshot above), they did not draw Meebo's coattails correctly. They're suppose to be pointed at the ends, not flat. Weird, lol.