Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave New Team From Innocence Revealed

The opening movie for Tales of Symphonia The Animation's United World Episode has been leaked online. And I must say, more it's way better than I expected.

Warning: The opening contains spoilers for those who haven't played Tales of Symphonia.

We'll have a backup ready in a bit in case YouTube decides to take it down, as they usually do with ToSOVA related videos. A backup is now up on Facebook (you don't need an account to view it). And as embarrassing as it may be, I pretty much cried over the whole opening.

The United World Episode is available for preorder on Play-Asia and is available in both a regular edition and a Collector's Edition.
A new pair for Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave has been revealed today, tadalafil
this time hailing from Tales of Innocence.

The representative pair from Tales of Innocence includes Ruca Milda and, somewhat suprisingly, Spada Belforma, not Iria.

This other scan also shows the Mystic Arte cut-ins for Caius, Rubia, Shing, Kohak and Elraine.

Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave will be out for the PSP in Japan on February 23, 2012. Play-Asia now has pre-orders open for both the regular version and the premium box.

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