TGS 2019: Tales of Crestoria Extended Mystic Artes Trailer and New Screenshots

Check out their full Mystic Artes!

An extended trailer and screenshots featuring the Tales of Crestoria cast's Mystic Artes were shown in today's Tales of Fan Meeting.

A Tales of Fan Meeting was held immediately after the Tales of Arise Stage Event during Tokyo Game Show 2019. During the Fan Meeting, an extended Mystic Artes trailer and new screenshots were shared with the attendees.

The trailer is the extended version of the Mystic Arte trailer shown during Tales of Festival 2019. It now shows the full Mystic Artes of Misella, Vicious, Aegis, Yuna and Orwin, including their beautiful Mystic Arte cut-ins by WIT Studio. The list of their Mystic Artes are as follows:

  • Kanata - Cursed Bladeshadow (刹禍滅影斬, Sekka Metsu Eizan)
  • Misella - Primrose Rondo (プリムヴェール・ロンド,  purimuve-ru rondo, Primveil Rondo)
  • Vicious - Persecution Complex (パニッシュメント・ディザイア, panisshumento dezaia, Punishment Desire)
  • Aegis - Ending Pierce (エンデッド・ピアス, endeddo piasu, Ended Pierce)
  • Yuna - Serpentine Storm (蛇光震雷, Jakkou Shinrai)
  • Orwin - Lost Infinity (ロストインフィニティ)

Check out the new screenshots below featuring the characters' Mystic Arte cut-ins:


A gameplay trailer was also released earlier today during the Tales of Arise Stage event. In case you missed it, check it out here.

Tales of Crestoria
Tales of CrestoriaTales of Crestoria is a mobile title dedicated for smartphones that is an entirely new story and doesn’t focus on previous Tales of titles. The game features Kanata Hjuger, who is in a world where everyone is required to wear Vision Orbs so that judgement and crimes are determined at Vision Central. Guilty verdicts brands these parties with a crest, where the Executioner will hunt these branded criminals to pass sentence, and Kanata finds himself pronounced guilty, confessing that he “protected someone important” to him.

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