Tales of the Abyss Episode 14

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(EDIT-Jan 20, 2009, 7am Phils time: It's 7am here. Episode 15 will be released around 5pm, once I get back from school.)

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Oh yes. Starting episode 16, they changed a few things with the opening and ending. You can see screenshots of the new scenes of the openingand ending (The gallery's down, so this'll do >.<). In order, Anise is wearing her "Little Devil" title/costume, Jade, his "Evil Fonist?", Guy, his "Blade Master", Natalia, her "Adventurous Princess", Tear, her "Cool Chick", Luke, his "Berserker", and Asch, Luke's "Viscount" costume. Asch stole Luke's Viscount costume flkdslfk. He should've just worn his Abyss Silver costume.

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