Tales of Crestoria: Halloween Summons

Estelle and Asbel in Halloween Costumes!

Tales of Crestoria has announced that the next Premium Summons will feature SSR memoria stones with seasonal art for Estelle and Asbel! The memoria stones are named "Estelle [Halloween Witch]" and "Asbel [Count Asbela]." Like other summons, a 10x summon (costing 2,500 gleamstones) will guarantee at least one SR memoria stone. If you receive either of these memoria stones from the summons, the featured character will also join your team as a playable character and their seasonal outfit will be added to the Character Room. Both Estelle and Asbel already have SSR characters and memoria stones in their standard game outfits, but these are their first ones with seasonal outfits.

Witch Estelle

The new Estelle memoria stone has a maximum HP of 7,000, a max ATK of 1,300, and max DEF of 1,500. Her maxed out memoria skill is Safeguard VI (Wind), which provides +27% DEF to wind element allies. Estelle herself has a maximum HP of 24,000, max ATK of 2,150, and max DEF of 3,800 at level 100 when fully awakened. Her awakened character skill is called "Who Wants Candy?" and provides a 12% DEF buff to wind allies as well as 10% HP restoration to wind allies whenever an enemy breaks. Her artes are Marche Waltz (130% ATK, 2 hits, 1 enemy, increase DEF of self by 10% for 2 turns) and Extreme Stars (180% ATK, 13 hits, 1 enemy). Her mystic arte is Happy Treat Shower (restore 75% of HP for all allies and increase ATK of all allies by 10% for 3 turns). The art for both the character and memoria stone features Estelle in a witch costume (that might look familiar to fans of Tales of Link) holding a jack-o-lantern full of cute Vesperia-themed treats! I think the kitty-shaped Rita cookie is a nice touch.

Vampire Asbel

The "Asbel [Count Asbela]" memoria stone has a maximum HP of 5,5000, a max ATK of 2,350, and max DEF of 600. His maxed out memoria skill is Assault VI (Sword), which increases the OL Gauge of sword-type allies by 90 at the start of battle. Asbel himself has a maximum HP of 21,000, max ATK of 3,850, and max DEF of 2,450 at level 100 when fully awakened. His awakened character skill is called "Dark Beckoning" and provides a +4% DEF boost to all allies and +15% ATK boost to dark allies. His artes are Wolfwind Fang (120% ATK, 6 hits, 1 enemy, decrease DEF of enemy by 20% for 2 turns) and Aurora Lotus (130% ATK, 12 hits, 1 enemy, casts Debilitated on enemy for 3 turns). His mystic arte is Brightfire Blade (ATK 170%, 10 hits, all enemies). Asbel's art for both the character and memoria stone shows him in vampire garb staring down from an elegant gothic throne. Unlike his previous SSR art, this Asbel has different eye colors, reflecting his look from the Lineages and Legacies arc added in Tales of Graces f.

There are also several seasonal attachments available through various missions during the month of October. For the Halloween attachments collection, Tales of Crestoria has added bats, a witch hat, Repede's ears and tail, and a giant Tokunaga jack-o-lantern head.

Halloween Fashion

This Summon will run for two weeks from Wednesday, September 30th, at 3:00am EDT to Wednesday, October 15th, at 2:59am EDT. The attachment missions are available at the same time, but run until Monday, November 2nd, at 12:59am EST. Good luck and happy Halloween!

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