Tales of Crestoria: Intertwining Journeys Event

New Memoria Stones featuring Rubia and Ange!

Intertwining Journeys

The latest event in Tales of Crestoria is Intertwining Journeys, featuring Rubia from Tales of the Tempest and Ange from Tales of Innocence. This event is a chance to get SSR and SR memoria stones of Rubia and Ange respectively. (Like other events, these memoria stones do not become characters when you receive them.) The event will run from Friday, September 18, 2020 at 3:00am Eastern time to Friday, October 2, 2020 at 2:59am. The exchange for the event will remain open until Thursday, October 8, at 2:59am though. The story premise for this event is:

Rubia is a young girl traveling to become a nun. While visiting another nun, Ange, she meets Misella, who is being interrogated by soldiers. Rubia tries to help, but the situation worsens when she and the soldier argue. Rubia and Misella are able to escape, but they are forced to help Ange until things cool down.

To receive all of the event rewards, players must clear the quests and complete multiple Umbraboros Raids. The quests drop Mixed Nuts and Strange Nut Jam as rewards. Mixed Nuts can be collected and exchanged for prizes at the event exchange. These prizes include Rubia and Ange's memoria stones, gleamstones, adornment stones, and a variety of ascension materials including Princessia, All-Seeing Eye, Mighty Crystal, Water Spirit's Tears, Crystal Seashell, High-Grade Crystal, Dragon Blood, Strange Core, Artificial Crystal, and Great Tree's Fruit. Strange Nut Jam, on the other hand, is used to open an instance of the raid. The Umbraboros raid, on the other hand, drops more Mixed Nutes with a very rare chance of also dropping an Ange SR memoria stone or even a Rubia SSR memoria stone. Clearing both quests and raids also awards you Event Points, which will accumulate to earn even more prizes.

Intertwined Journey Items

Certain characters from recent summons also have Attack bonuses during this event. Mikleo [By a Murmuring Brook] and Colette ["This One Is..."] each have a 50% ATK increase during this event's quests and raids. Misella [The Blazing Bloom] has a 30% ATK boost. Their associated memoria stones also have the same stat bonus. The Rubia and Ange memoria stones that are obtained during this event have a 20% and 10% ATK bonus respectively.

Rubia and Ange Memoria Stones

When fully awakened, the Rubia memoria stone provides 100% resistance to the paralysis debuff to all light allies in the party. The Ange one gives a +12% CRIT rate increase to all dagger-type allies in the party.

This event will also feature a new High Difficulty Quest, which is unlocked after all of the Stage 1 and 2 quests in Intertwining Journeys have been completed.

High Difficulty Quest

This is the first time a high difficulty quest with a difficulty rating of "Extreme" rather than "Very Hard" has appeared in Tales of Crestoria (although high difficulty raids recently made a return after a glitchy first appearance earlier this year), so it is an opportunity to challenge your Crestoria team against much harder solo content. Like the Phantom Tower quests, this quest does not allow you to bring along supporting characters from your friends and can only be challenged with your own characters and memoria stones. The reward for completion is an SR+ Summon Ticket. Good luck!

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