1UP's Review of ToV + New US Screens + New Art That Might Be of Interest

First off, here's the review of 1UP for Tales of Vesperia, and I have to say that's a pretty positive review we have there. 

Undine from the Tales Brigade posted new English version screenshots for ToV here. They show a bunch of interesting things, like Rita's costumes/attachments and Karol's Hi-Ougi, "Overlord Reign Impact."

For that art, a few new images have been uploaded to the gallery from Jamzy's Famitsu Blog. It shows the 3D character models posing in the same manner as their official art (scroll down), plus this conspicuous little image of Repede dreaming about everyone.

Updates to be done:
|| ToI Opening Screenshots
|| New Affiliates
|| Tales of Vesperia OST (It's good, real good imo)
|| ToV Cutscenes/Ending Screenshots
|| ToV English Cutscenes (and maybe the dual audio too, I dunno)
|| Updates to the lyrics page (Kane wo Narashite with translation, etc.)

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