New Mabo Curry Real-Life Food Item to Celebrate Tales of Graces' Release

To celebrate the upcoming release of Tales of Graces, House Foods, in collaboration with Namco Bandai, will be releasing a new real-life Mabo Curry product. The images are from GPara (I removed the watermarks with Photoshop).

This new product, to come in 200-gram packages, will be available in two varieties. The Richly Spicy one is described to have a rich, spicy flavor of tofu and onions in a sauce made of curry, coriander, cumin and other spices. The Mildly Spicy one incorporates the mild taste of apples and tomatoes in a tofu curry with oyster sauce. The product's packaging will have a description of Tales of Graces at the back of it. Also, a small event centered on Mabo Curry will be available somewhere within the game (unwatermarked screenshots to be added to the gallery once available). Even Asbel and the rest think that it's delicious ^^.

Mabo CurryTo those not that familiar with it, Mabo Curry is a staple food of the Tales of Series and is described as a spicy harmony of mabo tofu in curry sauce. To those who can still remember, a similar thing was done to promote Tales of Hearts' release, though in the form of a ready-to-eat meal at the Japanese Circle K convenience store.

The Mabo Curry will be available nationwide in Japanese stores startingDecember 7, 2009. Tales of Graces comes out three days after that.

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