Four New ToH Scans from Famitsu + Two New Affiliates

Four new scans from Famitsu reveal a little more info about the game... Actually this info was also in the GPara article in Picup's post, but I already summarized them in the last post.

The main thing to note is that ToH isn't being developed by Team Destiny alone, but apparently a combination of people from Team Destiny and Team Symphonia.

As for the two new affiliates, we're now affiliated with Shrine of Fate, a lovely blog run by Mary Lain (you'll love the layout) and Zelda Dungeon, a massive Legend of Zelda fansite with info, walkthroughs, and more!

... I LOL how this is the image with the highest views in the TotA anime album... XD BTW to those who can help with the subbing (we're serious about it, yes), feel free to volunteer, we'll need all the help we can get. Especially translators, since we can't just let Belmont handle everything on his own.

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