Hideo Baba Talks about Tales of Hearts, and the Series' Future

In Hideo Baba, producer of some of the games for the Tales of Series, talks about Tales of Hearts, as well as what the future of the games hold. 
You can view the full interview here at Cubed3. The information I posted here are just those of interest (and since this IS their own interview, it would be wrong for us to post everything they obtained here in AC).

Adam Riley: Would you consider bringing that game to DS at some point in the future to help maximise sales?

Hideo Baba: We have no plan to port Tales of Destiny to NDS right now. However, if there was a real demand for such a game, we would of course start considering this idea.

Regarding ToH's CG and Anime scenes' feedback:

HB: Of course, like I just said, we have absolutely no desire to completely remove the idea of 'Tales of = Anime', and will keep on using anime cut-scenes in the future. Every time something new is done, there are a lot people that are disapproving of it, yet at the same time we discovered some new things and we believe that this will really help the 'Tales of' series in the future.

AR: In Hearts' credits it shows some "Team Destiny" members took a leading role in the game. Can we expect the other leads of "Team Destiny" to work on another game (like the announced Wii one)? 

HB: We cannot disclose any information about upcoming games but we do have every intention of continuing the "Tales of" series. 

AR: Does the 2D style still have a strong future, or will 3D be the way forward from now on? 

HB: Now we intend to continue both the 2D 'Tales of' games and 3D 'Tales of' games as well. The 2D games' dot pictures provide ways of expressing ideas that 3D simply cannot do, and conversely 3D can convey things that 2D cannot - so both will be equally important in future versions of the game!

AR: On the ToH blog it states that with the "birth" of Hearts the team said they wanted to "bring Tales of Destiny Remake onto the DS platform". Can this comment be clarified, please? 

HB: Out of all the 2D 'Tales of' games we believe 'Tales of Destiny' feels the most complete and so to try and make a 2D game of the highest calibre, we decided to set ourselves the target of making a game that feels equally as complete, if not more than that of 'Tales of Destiny'. 

AR: The Tales of Abyss anime has been a great success in Japan so far. Are there plans to make a Tales of Hearts anime show eventually? Also, to take advantage of Abyss' popularity, would you ever consider either a remake of it on Wii, or even a sequel? 

HB: At this current stage in time there are no plans for such an idea. However, there are many more elements of the game that we would like the challenge of adding in, so after considering the timing of projects, it may actually be a possibility!

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