Interviews for ToV and ToS-DotNW + ToV Scan & ToS-DotNW DVD + New Affis

Two new interviews from reveal a bit of new info for Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

The first one about Vesperia, an interview with the game's producer, Gouda Tsutomu, and the artist of the English opening song "Ring a Bell," Bonnie Pink, focuses more on info on how the opening theme songs came about. The other, focuses on the motion controls of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. According to him, players won't be able to use the GameCube controller for this game, as it was specifically made for the Wiimote more. Aside from this, most of the info, we already know about. BUT in that latter interview, Gouda Tsutomu brought up something very interesting: "Tales of Vesperia will be out first, and we actually think it'll be earlier than you think."

Next, we have a new ToV scan courtesy of Rpgmonkey from the Tales Forums. It has a few screenshots you might be interested in. Also, the preorder bonus Dramatic DVD for ToS-R has been confirmed. It'll include a Tales of Symphonia digest (not sure what this is), the usual chat drama, this time called "Symphonia Iselia Village School 3-Year T, Refill Sensei," the Jump Festa 2008 stage interview of ToS-R's VAs, and a variety of recordings from the VAs. It also seems to include this piano sheet (listen to it), which I think plays the Iselia theme. They also have the campaign poster here.

Info on misono's album for the ToS-R opening is also out. It's release will also be on the 25th of June, and it comes with two versions, a normal CD one (840 Yen, roughly $8 ) or the CD+DVD one (1890 Yen, roughly $18.50). The CD will include the opening song Three Legged Race (Nininsankyaku), a karaoke/instrumental version of it, plus this Rock Project Medoley, which I think is a remix of misono's other songs. If you get the DVD, it will include a video clip of the ToS-R opening song (it says ToS-R version, so I assume this is the actual game opening), the opening videos of the original Tales of Symphonia for the GameCube and PS2, plus the opening of Tales of the Tempest. Limited copies come with a special ToS-R misono sticker.

Also, we have a bunch of new affiliates! First up is Tales of Phantasia: Teishi ni Hikkakamasu, a fanfiction website owned by Ayame Majikku for a fanfiction with the same title. Next is Eternal Eternia, a fanfiction archive owned by Aelph from the Official Tales Forums (a.k.a. the Number One Tales of Eternia fan around, ever). And lastly, Interregnum, a forum focusing on many fandoms, like anime, video gaming, and the like.

|| Tales of Vesperia Interview - GameTrailers | YouTube | MediaFire
|| ToS-DotNW Interview - GameTrailers | YouTube | MediaFire

And on that note, preorders for Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk (that means the Japanese version) are available via Play-Asia!

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