New Trailers for Tales of Graces, VS. and Vesperia PS3 Now Out!

The official sites for Tales of Graces, Tales of VS. and Tales of Vesperia PS3have just been updated with trailers for the games.


These would be the first trailers for VS. and Vesperia PS3, and the second trailer for Graces (the first being this). The thumbnails above lead to our YouTube channel (HQ =3), and download links are below.

From the ToV PS3 trailer, it seems that Flynn will be either playable for a longer period of time, or will actually be a permanent party member. You can also see a monster that looks like everyone's favorite Sword Dancer. That combo hi-ougi by Yuri and Flynn (?????, Bushin Soutenha) is also briefly shown here, plus a battle with Don Whitehorse. You can also now use Repede as an on-screen character. The other two trailers pretty much contain info we already know, like Asbel's quest to become a stronger knight because of some incident that happened to him, etc. And also (Thanks to Antz_the_Great for pointing it out), underneath Richter's name, we see "Dawn of the New World" instead of "Knight of Ratatosk". Either they were just aiming for a full English trailer (as you'll see from the trailer's text), or VS just might have a chance of getting localized.

|| Tales of Graces 2nd PV - YouTube | 500KBPS | 1MBPS
|| Tales of VS. 1st PV - YouTube | 500KBPS | 1MBPS
|| Tales of Vesperia PS3 1st PV - YouTube | 500KBPS | 1MBPS

... So Asbel has apparently replaced Yggdrasill as Tales' disco king... -pikohan'd-

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