New Tales of Xillia 2 Scans - New Character Nova & New Character And Battle Info

A bunch of new scans from Famitsu Magazine surfaced today, featuring a new character for Tales of Xillia 2 named Nova, a few new event and battle screenshots and character info.

Nova (VA: Satomi Sato)
- She's the girl in the trailer who collapses and that has different-colored bangs. She used to be Julius's classmate, and she currently works at one of the banks being run by Clanspia Company (...I seem to be getting this name wrong so many times. For the last time, it's Clanspia, not Clanpios). She seemed to be chasing after Julius in the past (as a love interest, maybe?). She also seems related to Ludger's sudden debt problem. It's currently unknown if she's playable or not.

We also have more info on Leia, Alvin and Julius.

Alvin (VA: Tomokazu Sugita)
- The son of a distinguished family in Elenpios, though he has a past of being a for-hire mercenary spy for a terrorist organization. He's currently struggling in a business he's running together with his business partner Jürgens (Yurugensu, ?????, romanization not yet official). Though he's no longer two-faced like he was in the past, he's still trying to break the barrier and wants to form better relationships with others. There are some screenshots of him, Leia and Ludger talking about what seems to be some business together.

Leia (VA: Saori Hayami)
- She resigned from being a nurse and went all the way to Elenpios to find herself and contemplate on what to do in her life. She currently works for a minor newspaper company, and though she produces good results, she's too impatient with it. She's become more adult-like, especially in terms of clothing.

So, both Leia and Alvin are considered as major party characters in the game.

Julius Will Kresnik (VA: Toru Okawa)
Age: 28 Years old
Height: 180cm
- The man shown in the PV with a good physique and wearing glasses. He currently works as an agent under Clanspia's special combat department. Though he takes care with a good sense of responsibility, he's a little bit of a nagger towards his little brother. He'll eat practically anything Ludger cooks with delight, especially anything with tomatoes, which are his favorite. When in a good mood, he usually hums the lullaby he used to sing to Ludger when he was a kid. On Ludger's supposed first day at work, Julius was nowhere to be found for some reason. The term "agent" is usually given to the elite of Clanspia's employees, and while Ludger doesn't know where his brother is, this is the time when the debts started racking up. Julius seems to be a bit attached to his little brother, with screenshots showing him patting Ludger's head and putting his necktie for him.

In terms of battle info, Link Artes will be making their return in the game. Similar to how they were back in Xillia 1, Link Artes allow characters to combine their artes to form unique artes exclusive to their specific pairs once the Link Artes Gauge is filled. This time though, there are two types of Link Artes: Unique and Common. As their names imply, Unique Link Artes are specific Link Artes unique only to specific pairs, while Common Link Artes are Link Artes which can be performed by any combination of pairs.

And though Elle cannot participate in battle, it seems she can cheer the party on or something, since she has her own battle chat illustration. You can also see a glimpse of Ludger's and Alvin's Link Artes cut-ins, as well as Leia's and Alvin's new artes for the game.

Famitsu has put up new screenshots here. We're currently waiting for the ones without watermark for now.

Tales of Xillia 2 will be released in Japan on November 1, 2012. Pre-orders are now available at the following places. Be quick, pre-orders run out fast!

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