New ToS-R (New Charas) and ToR PSP (Enemy Cut-ins) Scans and ToI Images

We have a total of four scans today.

New ToS-R Scan, page 1 New ToS-R Scan, page 2 New ToR scan, first one new ToR scan, second one
First off, the two new Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk scans, courtesy of Kouli once again, feature two new characters. The first one is a blue cat girl named Aqua, and the second one is that black cat creature shown in the trailer, who's name isTenebrae. From what we can make out from the scans, Aqua seems to be a follower of Richter's, while Tenebrae follows Marta more. We'll have more info once the Tales Channel gets their info on them up.

As for the Tales of Rebirth PSP scans, the first one, courtesy of happip, features the same info we had before, but the only interesting thing is thatthe enemies will now have their own hi-ougi cut-ins (Hell yes Saleh XD!)!! As for the second one, courtesy of GonXFreeces, is more of an advertisment scan. Just click on the thumbnails above to view them.

EDIT: Lastly, we now have the Hi Ougi Cut-Ins and the Ending Screenshots (SPOILERISH... kinda) of Tales of Innocence up on the gallery, all courtesy of RyuHiroshi. Watch out for spoilers~

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