New ToV Media + ToS-R Video + Feedback Please

New wallpapers for Rita have been added to the Official ToV Site. You can get them via our gallery. Or click the links below.

1280x1024 | 1024x768
Fullview is your friend...

Also, thanks to Dimentio, we now have high quality renders of Yuri and Estelle's official art.

And to those who might not have noticed, Danette-Anime-Otaku has found a video which seems to be an interview video of ToS-R. It also has some in-game scenes and animated ones.

Lastly, we need feedback on how the site's been doing (virus-related). Over at my side, it's doing fine except for some of the symbols not being rendered properly. What I want to know is:

1. Did those who visit the site that get virus alerts still get them?
2. Are we still marked by Google as a harmful site?
3. Are the symbols not being rendered properly?
4. Do you get the same virus alert when visiting The Gallery or The Forums?
5. Aside from the main page, are the other pages affected? (Test these out:PhantasiaVideosFanfiction).
6. By any chance, while visiting pages of the site, are you getting a pop-up advertisment with the title "Advertisment by OuterInfo"?

Please, to those who have time, especially those who received the virus alerts before, please try to test out the following. We really need the feedback in order to fix this problem right away. Thank you.

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