Tales of Bibliotheca - System Content, Battle System & Screenshots

Famitsu covered how the Tales of Bibliotheca app works.

Basically, you can read the plot of Tales games featured in this app with accompanying images and characters narrating the chapters to you. The first game featured is Tales of Vesperia, and each game has 12 chapters.

Now what's interesting about this app that it actually includes its own battle system, the ????????????????? (ADBS - Active Dialogue Battle System). I don't quite understand how this battle system works on the app, but you can relive major battles in the game you're reading with the ADBS. I have a feeling it has something to do with connecting the dialogue between your party members together, though I'm more curious to see this battle system in action.

This app is now available on the Japanese App Store. All screenshots of the app from the App Store is uploaded to our gallery here.

In terms of this app's price, the first chapter is completely free. However, all subsequent chapters are 170 yen each, or they can be bought altogether for 1,700 yen--about $2 and $17 USD respectively.