New Tales of Graces Character & Creator's Voice Videos, Wallpapers & Screens

Major media updates for Tales of Graces today. The Tales of Graces Official Site has been updated today with what seems to be the final batch of character videos, one interview video and two new wallpapers of Malik and Pascal. In addition, we have added the videos streamed at the Tales of Graces' Creator's Voice article from the official Nintendo Wii website.

Hubert - Character Video #3 Cheria - Character Video #3 Richard - Character Video #3 Kana Hanazawa Interview
The final batch of character videos are of Hubert, Cheria and Richard. In Hubert's video, we see him receiving a letter from Fendel's soldiers. In Cheria's, Asbel asks her if she's anxious, but she puts up a strong front and says she's fine. In Richard's, he and Asbel have a talk, with Sophie listening in on their conversation. The right-most thumbnail leads to an interview of Kana Hanazawa, Sophie's voice actor.

The Beginning of the Riot Asbel Battle Scene
Chain Capacity + Hubert's 2nd Blast Caliber Around Step Sophie
Character Change Groovy Chat With the Characters Carta/Karuta
The Creator's Voice videos are from an article from the official Nintendo Wii website. The article consists of an interview with the game's producers, Shinichirou Okamoto and Hideo Baba and the game's character designer, Mutsumi Inomata. The videos shown in the article have been uploaded to our YouTube channel. They consist mainly of game footage.

Two new wallpapers of Malik and Pascal have also been uploaded. You can download them from our gallery below. With the game's release date only a week away and with all the characters featured in their own individual wallpapers, we can expect at least one more group wallpaper in a next update.



Screenshots of Formal Costumes and the Seed Gathering MinigameLastly, nineteen new game screenshots from 4Gamer have been added to our gallery. The screens are of the characters wearing their formal costumes and the Seed Gathering minigame.

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