Tales of Graces, Tales of Vesperia Movie and Other Tales News Updates

Three minor updates for today concerning Tales of Graces, the Tales of Vesperia movie and Tales of Hearts.
ToGFor Tales of Graces, a part of the scan from the previous post actually shows the new titles system that is said to be implemented for Graces (from this post). If you will recall, titles in graces will have skills with them. The scan above shows one of Pascal's and how equipping them looks like. Titles seem to be equipped by placing them in the grid at the back. To the left is a list of available skills that the highlighted title has, along with the skill points needed to master the said skills. I'm still unsure if the other icons in the grid are titles, or actually possibly skills themselves (notice that the highlighted title has different shape than the other ones equipped in the grid. In this scan, Pascal's title is "?????" (mizuchi no hokori, Pride of Water Fall), with the description "A title that will let you learn the arte Spread. It is possible to strengthen it with perseverence". The skills that come with it are Spread, Arte Attacks + 3, Wind Needle, Arte Attacks + 5 and another Spread, though I'm unsure why there are two Spread skills.

ToV Calendar 1 ToV Bag ToV Key Cover ToV Straps

ToV Calendar 2On the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 09, Kadokawa will be selling various Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ merchandise. Said merchandise include the Tales of Vesperia messenger bag you can see above and a 2010 Tales of Vesperia movie calendar. The calendar will have an artwork from the movie for every two months, as you can see over at the left. Advance selling of the tickets have also begun this month, along wit various other movie related merchandise. The available merchandise depends on where you will buy your ticket from. The merchandise include these Yuri and Flynn reversible rubber key covers,Animate TV Original ToV Sticker and Yuri and Flynn metal straps (the two latter if you buy from Animate).

And lastly, the Tales of Hearts Drama CD I: "Spirune Scattering" (was announced during the Tales of Festival 09) has been confirmed for a December 25, 2009 release. From Lantis.

Oh, and a clearer version of DiscobelEdit: Thanks to fireguardiancoty for pointing this tidbit out! If you'll look closely at this screenshot/scan, it actually says "Arles Pot", which is what we've been referring to all this time as the "Eles" Pot System. We'll be referring to it as Arles from now on.

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