Tales of the Abyss The Complete Series Essentials BD Revealed + Pre-Order

New upcoming release on Blu-Ray!

FUNimation has revealed a complete series release of Tales of the Abyss's anime adaptation on Blu-Ray, scheduled to be released on March 17, 2020.

The release features all twenty six episodes spanning three Blu-Rays discs. Special features include undetermined trailers. The set is listed as being subtitled only; no English dub has been produced and will not be included. For reference, this is FUNimation's second release of the Tales of the Abyss anime, the first one being a DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack of the same content, spread across four DVDs and three Blu-Ray discs.

Tales of the Abyss
Tales of the AbyssTales of the Abyss is the eighth mothership title of the series initially released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in the same year as Tales of Legendia. It is the Tales of Series 10th Anniversary title. The game was later ported to the Nintendo 3DS and was adapted into a 26-episode TV anime by Sunrise. Abyss tells the story of Luke, a young noble whose life turns upside down upon meeting a mysterious girl named Tear. The game appears to be influenced by musical themes.

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