New Radiant Mythology 3 Scan Gives A Password For A Special Arena Battle

A new scan from Weekly Jump has given out a password for accessing a special arena battle in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3. Winning the special battle will earn players Yuri Lowell's (Tales of Vesperia) signature weapon, Second Star. RM3

The password in the scan is actually a bunch of the job class symbols jumbled together. Going to the game's arena and inputting this password under "Special Mission" will unlock a special battle between your party and Leon, Asbel and Yuri. If you win the arena battle, you will earn Yuri's Second Star (Nibanboshi). The sword has stats of 55 P. ATK, 116 M. ATK, -18 AGL and a total upgrade times of 25.

We can expect more passwords for special missions to surface as more scans and media are released.

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