ToW: Radiant Mythology 3 Link Site Now Brings Greetings To Info Leakers

Namco Bandai has been a bit careless this week as a bunch of new Tales characters to be included in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3's overall roster were leaked online with things out of their hands. RM3 Producer Ryuuji Odate strikes back with a few personalized greetings for those trying to expose any more information to the public.

In our previous post, a bunch of characters were revealed due to the KaoDra skit faces flash files being stored in the RM3 link site. Currently though, if one tries to access these flash files again, one will be greeted with something like this:

The content to be found varies. Some are cute little caricatures of Oodate-san himself, with messages like "You found me~!", "No more leaks", "Have you pre-ordered the game yet?" and "Oh, I have a meeting in France." Other greetings have the Tales characters Guy Cecil ("Wah! D–Don't look!"), Shirley Fennes ("Please don't stare..." is one of her greetings), Emil Castagnier ("Nice to meet you!"), Norma Beatty, Tytree Crowe, Jay, Saleh, Van Grants, Estelle, Mormo from RM1 and a pair of glasses which is presumbly Richter Abend's ("... In the bath...").

You can try visiting these pages to get a good look at the greetings. Just play around with the URL to view the others.

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