Tytree, Stahn, Spada & Shing In This Week's Radiant Mythology 3 Videos

As promised, this week's batch of videos from the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 official site have been posted. This week, we have Tytree Crowe (Tales of Rebirth), who was surprisingly never officially announced in any official media save for that accidental leak, Stahn Aileron (Tales of Destiny), Spada Belforma (Tales of Innocence) and Shing Meteoryte (Tales of Hearts).

Tytree Stahn Spada Shing

In the videos, we have Tytree performing ???? (Gurentenshou), Stahn with his usual ????? (Phoenix, Kouou Tenshouyoku), Spada with his ????? (Shinretsu Senkouzan) and Shing with his ????? (Shouou Jin'eizan).

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