UPDATED: Tales of Berseria To be Released January 24 in North America and January 27 in Europe! Steam Worldwide Release January 27, US Collector's Edition Revealed!

Just 3 months away!

We finally have an official release date in the West! Check out the contents of North America's Collector's Edition!

Tales of Berseria, to be released in the West for the PlayStation 4 and PC Digital (via Steam) platforms, will officially be released on January 24, 2017 in North America and January 27, 2017 in Europe!

UPDATE: The @TalesofU Twitter has confirmed that the game will be out on January 27, 2017 worldwide for Steam.

The North American Collector's Edition was also revealed in the Official Playstation U.S. Blog by Bandai Namco priced at $149.99 USD. There will only be 10,000 units, each of which individually numbered. It comes with the following:

  • Exclusive Tales of Berseria SteelBook case
  • Velvet and Laphicet Chibi Kyun Chara figures
  • Exclusive 8-Bit retro keychain set
  • Special Selection Music CD
  • Hardcover prequel novel “A Witch’s Tale: A World Full of Daemons”
  • Set of Tales of Berseria trading cards
  • Tales of Berseria starter strategy guide artbook

Pre-orders for the US Collector's Edition now open at the following shops:

No news of an EU Collector's Edition yet, but we'll keep you posted. Keep in mind that the European Collector's Edition may be different from the North American one.

In the meantime, if you want to pre-order the regular edition of the games, you can already do so via the following online shops.

North America and Canada Pre-orders:

Europe Pre-orders:



Tales of Berseria
Tales of BerseriaTales of Berseria is the latest mothership title of the Tales of Series which was first announced during Tales of Festival 2015. The game was released for both the PS3 and PS4 on August 18, 2016 in Japan, and will be released on January 24, 2017 in North America and January 27, 2017 in Europe for the PS4 and PC. The game features a female protagonist named Velvet and a theme of pirates and ships. It's also confirmed as a distant prequel to Tales of Zestiria.

Info Page | News | Gallery | Official Website (JP)

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  • "No news of an EU Collector's Edition yet, but we'll keep you posted.
    Keep in mind that the European Collector's Edition may be different from
    the North American one."

    Thank you for this information I've been searching my twinblade scabbards off for this. Gnaaarh I love it but the release date is killing me. It'll launch in the same time frame as Ryu Ga Gotoku 0 and Gravity Daze/Rush 2. So I have to forfeit at least one of them to be able to buy this. And then the next month straight to the P5 collectors edition.

    It'll be neck-breaking, heart-rendering, but this seems like a good CE!

  • Cauldron Nguyen

    No artbook? Might skip this one.

    • a745

      The strategy guide is also the artbook.

      • Cauldron Nguyen

        Doesn't sound like it will be a good artbook, they don't even say if it's hardcover or not nor how many pages.

        • MT

          It says 'Starter Strategy guide' which I hope is just a walkthrough for the beginning of the game, then the rest of the book is artwork. Some Japanese artbooks are like that having a game guide section along with artwork materials.

  • Shon

    Once again that dam time had been reached, the time which I need to choose US or EU CE... the US tend to be almost 99% of the times better than the EU (which they tend to screw over in one way or another)

    But then again the EU version is easier way for me to buy DLCs...

    Dam you region separation :/

  • dang CE sold out on GameStop online and Amazon. Luckily I managed to snag one at Amazon even though the 20% Prime discount didn't kick in but I can remedy that by contacting chat later as it gets closer to release.

    • a745

      I heard some people just contacted chat and the Prime 20% discount was applied manually by customer service. You can give it a try.

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  • Kirvee

    But when can we pre-order it on Steam??? I pre-ordered a CE but I'm going to be playing it on Steam.

    • a745

      I don't think you need to worry about that one. At least that one's not gonna run out, haha.

  • Sani

    Do you know when the CE pre-orders will be available on Amazon France?