Tales of the Rays Opening Available

Complementing their dedicated stream of the game, Bandai Namco released the full opening of Tales of the Rays on Youtube. Check it out here:

We've seen most of these scenes from the trailer that was uploaded previously. For more details on the game check out this news post here.

Tales of the Rays
Tales of BerseriaTales of the Rays is a Tales mobile game for the iOS and Android featuring characters designed by Hidenori Matsuraba and a new ADF-LMBS (Advanced Flick Linear Motion Battle System). The game tells the story of hero Ix Nieves and heroine Mileena Weiss in the world of Tir Na Nog. Characters from the previous Tales titles appear in this game.

Info Page | News | Gallery | Official Website (JP)

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  • a745

    Gosh I love this song

  • Aaron

    made me cry out of happiness

  • itsameluigi1290

    This is really good! Wish Sorey showed up a bit more in it though.

  • Leon Kioku

    Can't wait to play it.

  • MillaMaxwell

    Wow, that looks really awesome! I hope it gets localized!

  • Linkfire

    00:45 looks like Armatization

  • DCHShadow

    Dang it, just the usual Caius and Rubia. I wanted someone else to appear from tempest. Come on Namco. Though the opening was still amazing.

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  • donkey6

    Cant stop clicking that play button. I wish it was longer than a minute though.