A Bunch of New Tales of Berseria Screenshots and New Localized Info on Rokurou, Eleanor and the Battle System

Bandai Namco has released a whopping total of 85 new screenshots for Tales of Berseria, as well as new localized information on Rokurou, Eleanor and the game's new Liberation Linear Motion Battle System.
Note that the information here is a mixture of the localized English information from the official Tales of blog and our translations of the official Japanese press release.



"Surely you know me by now. I might not look it, but I'm a man of duty."
Age: 22
Height: 180cm
Weapon: Dual Blades
Class: Dual Wielder
Race: Daemon
JP VA: Daisuke Kishio
Character Designer: Daigo Okumura

- Rokurou is a cheerful and freewheeling young swordsman. He himself became a Daemon during an outbreak of Daemonblight in the past. Instead of being negative about this, he uses his new found power to further enhance his family swordplay style and walk the path he's on. He shows a natural attitude towards Velvet, who moves on with her intense emotions. For some reason, he keeps his reason even while being a Daemon. He also owes some sort of favor for Velvet and thus now follows her.

He takes good care of people, supporting Velvet who charges ahead and guides Laphicet who has no free will of his own at first.

He attaches his mind to the huge sword on his back which he pertains to as "his life," but he refuses to draw it, hence he usually fights with dual short blades.




"I won’t turn a blind eye to the consequences of my actions. I chose this path to seek the truth, not to deny it.
Age: 18
Height: 165cm
Weapon: Spear
Class: Praetor
Race: Human
JP VA: Ami Koshimizu
Character Designer: Kosuke Fujishima

- Eleanor is a praetor of "Abbey," an organization of exorcists. She travels around to release the world from the threat of daemons. She is a clearheaded individual that does not forget to have compassion for the others. She has a stubborn side that always want to do things the right and just way. She is honest and easily shows emotions, but she recognizes her inexperience and tries hard to stick to ruthless reason.

She seems to be in fights against Velvet for her attacks on the Abbey. As an exorcist, she makes an effort to not only fight Daemons, but also listen to the people's needs.


The World of Tales of Berseria, A More In Depth Look


In this world, an organization known as "Abbey" exists, consisting of exorcists that fight against daemons. They are sent to various towns and areas to protect the common people in order to maintain order in the country. They are renowned as heroes, and Abbey’s ideology is slowly spreading among the people.

This guy from the trailer, like Eleanor, is also an exorcist from Abbey.

The Exorcists exploit Malaks and utilize their power to fight against Daemons. Some Malaks look different from humans but whatever they may look like, the Exorcists think all Malak have no free will of their own.

Velvet, driven by her revenge against the Savior, is often in conflict with Abbey.

Most people affected by the Daemonblight go berserk and begin to attack people. There are some, however, that can stay rational, like Velvet and Rokurou. Some have a completely different appearance while some may look human. The pattern of onset varies by the individual.

Tales of Berseria Terminologies, an update


    • Daemonblight - A disease that transfigures people to monsters. Most affected by this disease go berserk and attack people, but some of them can stay rational.


    • Daemon - A monster that a person transformed into because of the Daemonblight. Even animals can be affected. They appear in different forms and each may have different power suited for its unnatural appearance.


    • Malak - A race thatcan use the power of nature. They don't have their own free will, so most of them are exploited by exorcists as familiar spirits. Some may have non-human forms. It is said that there are some exceptional Malaks who are free from orders from exorcists and act independently.


    • Scarlet Night - A night when the scarlet moon rises. It is said to be connected to the Daemonblight...


    • Exorcists - A group of holy warriors who have the power to fight against Daemons. They keep fighting to protect humans by utilizing the power of Malaks to execute artes. They are renowned as heroes for the common people who suffer from damage of the Daemonblight.


  • Abbey - An organization of exorcists that Midgand established to protect people from the threat of Daemons. They lead the politics and the military of the kingdom based on the thought "adhering to reason brings order and peace". Exorcists are ranked based on their ability. There are three ranks for exorcists under the head of the Abbey: Legate, Praetor and Orderly.


The Battle System

The following are the features of the new Liberation Linear Motion Battle System, or the Liberation-LMBS for short.

Battle Basics:

  • Soul - Iconized mental power or mana. The number of Soul a character owns portrays the maximum artes the character can link together in a combo. Players can steal it from enemies and vice versa.
  • Artes - Attacks or spells that can be performed by setting it to a button. Different characters have different artes, and leveling up may earn characters new artes. Some may have special effects, like stunning or causing status ailments. It becomes easier to steal Soul from enemies by hitting a weakness or changing the order of artes in a combo. All four buttons (square, triangle, circle, cross) will be utilized for artes.
  • Guard - Since all four buttons will be used for artes, guarding is now performed with the L1 button.
  • Quickstep - Quickstep is done by flicking the left stick while pushing L1. As usual, bonuses can be earned when using Quickstep to do a successful evade.


  • The camera can now be fully controlled with the right stick.
  • Multiple artes can be set on the four face buttons.
  • Soul Gauge - via the concept of "stealing souls," the number of attack combos can be increased or decreased. It differs a bit from the TP or CC systems from previous games.


More about the Soul Gauge:

An arte consumes specific SG points, and the gauge is consumed depending on the arte the character performs. Even with the SG at zero, a player can atill perform artes, but there will be disadvantages. For example, the attack may easily be countered. SG automatically regenerates after a certain period of time.

Soul represents a character's mental power or mana. A battle starts off with 3 Souls, and it can be increased when certain requirements are fulfilled. Souls can be stolen from enemies, but at the same time, enemies can steal Souls from players. Souls may also pop up when a character is knocked out or when you manage to evade an enemy attack via quick step.

Soul can increase by knocking out an enemy, stunning enemies or causing status ailments and using a specific item or picking up Souls on the battlefield. Souls can decrease when you are stunned by an enemy or when you get status ailments from them. More ways on how the Soul Gauge increases or decreases will be revealed in the future.

And even more screenshots!

Game fields and towns:


Tales of Berseria
Tales of BerseriaTales of Berseria is the latest mothership title of the Tales of Series which was first announced during Tales of Festival 2015. The game was released for both the PS3 and PS4 on August 18, 2016 in Japan, January 24, 2017 in North America and January 27, 2017 in Europe for the PS4 and PC. The game features a female protagonist named Velvet and a theme of pirates and ships. It’s also confirmed as a distant prequel to Tales of Zestiria.

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