New Tales of Graces Trailer From the Nintendo Channel (Subtitled)

A new Tales of Graces trailer/PV has been posted up on the Japanese Nintendo Channel. Due to the video having a long part of BoA's Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ in the video, YouTube has muted all uploads of it by other users. We're not going to bother uploading it to our YouTube channel, so instead, watch it or download it from AC.
The PV shows us more of the scenes that occur during the time Asbel and the rest were still young. This includes battles of the kids as well. Other new things include new anime and game cutscenes. The opening theme is playing in the video, at the length I believe to be the game's actual opening version. The song translations are courtesy of Yume Hanabi.

You can download the video from hereYou can view the subbed PV in this temporary viewing page.

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