New Tales of Graces Scans Reveal New Group Art and New Game System Info

Three new scans of VJump magazine have surfaced, revealing new info on the upcoming Tales Wii game, Tales of Graces.

ToG Scan 1 VJump ToG Scan 2 VJump ToG Scan 3 VJump ToG Scan 4
The scan reveals a lovely group art of the characters that have been revealed so far. This just might mean that the full roster for the game has already been revealed... and the said art can possibly be the JP version box-art as well. The scans contain new info on the game's system, as well as more detailed info on the recently revealed character Richard and the DS mini-game Kamenin Merchant. The fourth scan doesn't seem to be from VJump and only contains info on the Titles system. Apologies if this is a bit late. It took me a while to make out the somewhat blurry scans. Translations are by me.

Character Change» Character Change
-- Switching between characters in battle is possible. You can change the character you're controlling just by pressing the directional keys (a key will correspond to a character. You can see in one of the screenshots in the scan that a legend for the characters will appear at the left side of the screen). Making practical use of this system will surely guarantee you a powerful combo. As an example, the scan shows switching from Asbel, who just performed a combo, to Richard, who then also performs a combo against the enemy. This is practically the same as Tales of Innocence's Character Change system.

Dualize» Item Synthesis System: Duarise / Dualize ( ?????? )
-- With two raw materials to be used in synthesis, you can create a totally different new item! Aside from making consumable items and food, you can also use the same system to strengthen your equipment. The Dualize menu can be accessed from shops, where you are prompted to choose two materials to include in the synthesis.

Richard» Richard -- VA: Daisuke Namikawa
-- Update on his character description: The Prince of the Frontier Kingdom of Windol who receives immense support from the citizens who have great expectations of him for the future. His character is that of a calm and fine man who seems to be quite hurt about the internal conflicts regarding political affairs within the palace. He and Asbel met when they were just children, and considers him as a special friend whom he places tremendous trust in. (You can also see Richard's proper color scheme in the new scans now.)

Kamenin Merchant»Kamenin Merchant
-- The scan says the game can be downloaded to the DS from the ToG game itself. You control a Kamenin, strange creatures who do this for a business: basically item hunting in dungeons. It's basically an action game with the goal of stocking up items for the Kamenins. The dungeons produced each session are completely random and beating monsters will help level up your Kamenin. As mentioned before, wireless play will allow up to four players. Also, items you procure from the Kamenin Merchant game will then become available as purchasable items within your ToG game.

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