Tales of Bibliotheca For The iOS Official Site Open With Sample Tales of Vesperia Chapters Illustrations

The official site for the upcoming Tales of Bibliotheca for the iOS is now open. Now that we've gotten a better look at the info, we have a few corrections to make on the info we released from our previous post about this application.First off all, the game's basically a "scenario book and battle application. You could say it's a game, but it's really more of a typical iOS app. It lets you relive the scenarios of the Tales games using new illustrations depicting scenes from the games and some select battles to fight per chapter. They will indeed include the voice audio from the original games.

As for the first 12 chapters to be available, for now, Tales of Bibliotheca will be covering Tales of Vesperia with all those chapters. The 1st chapter for Vesperia will be available for free with the app, with the subsequent 2 to 12 chapters to be bought for 170 Yen each. You can also get the whole bundle of chapters 2 to 12 for 1700 Yen each.

Again, the app will be available some time mid September 2013. The official site has released some sample images of the new event illustrations per chapter of Tales of Vesperia:

Also, the official site for the Tales of Phantasia iOS version is also open, but nothing much is there but a teaser page.

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