Tales of Orchestra Concert ~25th Anniversary~ Encore Will Feature Tales of Arise Songs, Motoi Sakuraba

What is Arise's opening?

The encore for Tales of Orchestra Concert ~25th Anniversary~ this October will be having songs from Tales of Arise.

The upcoming Tales of Orchestra Concert ~25th Anniversary~ Encore will be held this October 23, 2021 at Pacifico Yokohama Convention Hall. The Encore will be playing the same setlist as the first one, which was held last September 5. The previous Orchestra was held purely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation but for the Encore, they will be holding it as a face-to-face event in order to reach more people. No announcement has been made for an online event.

In addition to the previous setlist, it has also been announced that the Encore will be featuring songs from Tales of Arise. Part of the main visual has also been released, featuring Alphen and Shionne.

The setlist includes:

  • Yume wa Owaranai ~Kobore Ochiru Toki no Shizuku~ (The Dream Will Not End ~The Spilling Drops of Time~) - From "Tales of Phantasia"
  • Yume De Aru Youni (Like a Dream) - From "Tales of Destiny"
  • flying - From "Tales of Eternia"
  • Key to my heart - From "Tales of Destiny 2"
  • Starry Heavens - Soshite Boku ni Dekiru Koto (What I Can Do Then) - Ninin Sankyaku (Three-Legged Race) - Medley from "Tales of Sinfonia" "Tales of Sinfonia-Knight of Ratatosk"
  • good night - From "Tales of Reverse"
  • TAO - From "Tales of Legendia"
  • Karma (also "mirrors" "meaning of birth") - From "Tales of the Abyss"
  • VS - From "Tales of the Tempest"
  • Follow the Nightingale - From "Tales of Innocence"
  • Kane wo Narashite (Ring a Bell) - From "Tales of Vesperia"
  • Eien no Ashita (Eternal Tomorrow) - From "Tales of Hearts"
  • Mamoritai-White Wishes- - From "Tales of Graces"
  • Progress~Song 4 u - Medley from "Tales of Xillia" and "Tales of Xillia 2"
  • White Light - From "Tales of Zestiria"
  • BURN - From "Tales of Berseria"

Given that the setlist is mostly Tales openings, it may be safe to assume that Tales of Arise's opening, whatever it may be, will be included in the performance.

Motoi Sakuraba, music composer for Tales of Arise and the other games, will also be making a guest appearance. The conductor will be Hirofumi Kurita, and performance by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Lottery for the tickets is currently being held until June 21st via ePlus. Online sales of tickets will be announced at a later date. Available tickets include:

  • Special Seat - 15,000 Yen (tax inclusive), includes pamphlet plus souveir
  • S-Seat - 9,500 Yen
  • A-Seat - 8,500 Yen

Event-limited merchandise will be announced at a later date.

Tales of Arise is now available at the following shops (Note: Please keep in mind that we may receive a commission when you click on our links and make a purchase. This, however, has no bearing on our reviews and comparisons.):

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