Tales of Symphonia OVA - Tethe'alla Episode - Three New Promotional Videos

Since our last update on the OVA, three new videos have been added to the Animate.tv Tales of Symphonia page. You can watch them there, or watch them in our DailyMotion account (click the thumbnails below to go to the player pages). 

Again, no Tales of Symphonia: the Animation-related videos will be added to our YouTube account due to previous copyright issues. To those who missed it, AC's new YouTube channel is AbyssalC.

Trailer - Inori no Kanata VersionTethe'alla Episode Promotional Video - Inori no Kanata Version
A new trailer featuring new scenes from the OVA. It also features the Tethe'alla Episode's ending theme, "Inori no Kanata" (The Other Side of a Prayer) by Akiko Shikata. CDs for this latest single by Akiko Shikata will be out on April 28, 2010.

Collector's Edition SpecialCollector's Edition Special: Omake Anime "We Meet Again ~Laughing Attack's Judgment!~"
A short anime clip with Genis talking a bit about the anime and the Collector's Edition. It features him and the rest of the cast in their noble costumes (from the game).

Exsphere Edition SpecialExsphere Edition Special: Radio "Look! TalesRing - Symphonia"
Konishi-san (Lloyd Irving's VA) and Onosaka-san (Zelos Wilder's VA) are coming up with an original cooking menu. Watch them give their ideas here. This is in relation to their collaboration campaign with Karaoke Pasela.

The first volume of the Tethe'alla Episode will be out March 25th. Also, some frequently asked questions:

Will AC sub the Tethe'alla Episode?
- Yes, we will. But don't expect us to be as fast as the other groups. We can, however, guarantee quality.

How about the Sylvarant Arc?
- Currently working on it.

Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike?
- Yes, we're subbing that as well.

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