Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X - Two New Scans and Teaser Site Opens

New scans have surfaced for the upcoming PSP title, Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X (Cross). So far, we only have low quality scans, so only a little info can be taken from these.

Full Scan (LQ) Scan 1 (LQ) Scan 2 (LQ)

Voice Actors:
Dio: Saiga Mitsuki (little trivia: Also Lukius Bridges' VA in Tales of the Tempest)
Mel: Asumi Kana
Etos: Tamura Yukari
Albert: Tatsuta Naoki (little trivia: Also Ganser's VA in RM1)

Dio and Mel are twins and are the main characters of the game. With them is Etos, a fairy from another world. The concept of the Narikiri games is as such: the main characters are given clothes they can change into, and depending on the clothes, they are able to obtain skills and equip certain equipment. Basically, the clothes act as job classes. We now have Albert, a wardrobe-like character, who is in charge of keeping these clothes for the twins. Albert and Dio always seem to end up in a fight with each other. Example clothes in the scan show Dio in a Samurai and a Shinobi clothes and Mel in a Nurse and a Witch clothes. The game will feature around 80 costumes.

The game will make use of a new LMBS called "Cross Arts Aerial Linear Motion Battle System". In the screen shots, a gauge spanning the whole screen can be seen. This is referred to as the "Emotional Brave Gauge", though its function is currently unknown.

The game is said to include something like a Tales of Phantasia remake, called "Tales of Phantasia: Cross Edition". So far, changes seen include the HUD and some battle aspects. The scan indicates that it will give a non-stop battle experience, most likely indicating a change that will give quicker pacing in the battles, such as characters being allowed to move freely now. Skill/Spell cancel is also allowed now. Famitsu has put up an article regarding the game, as well as some clear screen shots. You will notice that the game will use of 2D character sprites with a 3D environment.

Teaser Site Opens
The teaser site for the game has also just opened, showing just the game logo, some lovely art, and three BGMs for you to listen to. If you'll hover over the small green fairy on the logo, it will say something like "we're opening soon".

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