Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ Site Update - More Characters Revealed

The Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ Movie official website has been updated with its Characters Section. You'll find that the section is actually a relationship chart, showing the previously revealed characters, as well as a few new ones.

But first, the summary of the movie's plot:

It has been a number of years since the Great War which the people had feared so much has come to a close. Though the previous Emperor had died and his position remained vacant, the world still seemed to remained at peace. Everyone was prospering with the use of the power of aer. The crystallized form of aer (Apatheia) is considered a very powerful energy source and essential to human life. Much is being produced in order to protect the towns.

On such a day, in a deep forest near the town of Shizontania, Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo, two newcomer knights belonging to the Nylen Corps, together with their senior knights and fellow Corps members, Hisuka and Shastere, are on a mission to investigate an abnormal gushing of aer around the area.

Yuri, who joined the Knights with admiration for their ideals within his heart; Flynn, who joined the Knights in order to honor the law and justice. The two were once childhood friends, brought up in the lower parts of the Zaphias Empire. Several years later, the two once again meet by chance as they join the knights.

Characters to note:

Gradana (????, guradana) - Part of the Imperial Knights and under Alexei's command.

Jurgis (????, yurugisu) - Vice Captain of the Nylen Corps.

Elvin (?????, eruvin) - A member of the Nylen Corps.

Lambert (?????, rambaato) - The Nylen Corps's wardog. Repede's father.

The Puppy, Repede (????, rapiido) - Acts as a mascot to the knights. It's always carrying something in its mouth. (... ??? )

Melzom Keida (????????, meruzomu keida) - Voiced by Daisuke Gori. Leader of a guild in Shizontania. Nylen and him seem like good friends.

Shastere Aiheap (????????????, shastir aihiipu) - The younger one of the twins. Is specifically in charge of Flynn. (For the lols, her quote says, "That's sexual harrasment.")

Hisuka Aiheap (?????????, hisuka aihiipu) - The older one of the twins. Is specifically in charge of Yuri.

There are also images for YuriFlynnAlexei DinoiaEstelleRavenRita,Galista Ruodo (?????????, garisuta ruodoo) and Nylen Fedrock (???????????, nairen fedorokku).

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