New Localized Info on Tales of Berseria's Magilou and Bienfu!

Check out new localized info on new characters Magilou and Bienfu from Tales of Berseria! Bien!




"I suppose you'll never understand. People can be so miserable. Not that it matters, really."
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Class: Witch
Weapon: Guardian
Race: Human
Height: 160cm
VA: Satomi Sato
- Magilou is a mysterious young woman who considers herself a "great sorceress" and the Head of an organization called the "Menagerie," though said group is more known for their practice of "unlicensed witchcraft." She has an extroverted, easy-going, chatty and reckless personality, though she can be sinister at times, especially in the way she says heartless remarks toward Velvet. Her chatty personality hides her true intent and her trickster ways, though her heartlessness can sometimes bring out great truths. She can be seen occasionally cruel towards Velvet. She is a rear-type fighter and is good at fire and water artes. She can also transform her guardian into various forms during battle.



"Bieeen! The bad times have returned!"
Gender: Male?
Race: Malak
VA: Nao Nagasawa
- Bienfu is a peculiar Malak with an equally peculiar hat. It's an eccentric that usually adds "Bieen!" and "Bad!" to his phrases. It seems to be weak, but it does love a good challenge and lives with sharp attention and strong intent. Bienfu and Magilou seem to know each other, but whenever they meet, Bienfu seems fearful of her. Unlike other Malaks which do not have their own will, Bienfu seems to have its own ego and expresses itself in a variety of facial expressions.

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Tales of Berseria
Tales of BerseriaTales of Berseria is the latest mothership title of the Tales of Series which was first announced during Tales of Festival 2015. The game was released for both the PS3 and PS4 on August 18, 2016 in Japan, January 24, 2017 in North America and January 27, 2017 in Europe for the PS4 and PC. The game features a female protagonist named Velvet and a theme of pirates and ships. It’s also confirmed as a distant prequel to Tales of Zestiria.

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