New Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 DL Quests & Special Missions

The Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 official site has been updated with a bunch of new quests and special missions to be available in the coming days.

Apart from the Weekly Jump special mission, other Japanese gaming magazines are also offering passwords for more missions. All of these were available since February 10, and they are:

|| Famitsu Magazine
Special Mission: Defeat Flynn Scifo, together with Yuri Lowell, in the arena
Prize: White Knight Sword

|| PlayStation Magazine
Special Mission: Defeat Luke fon Fabre, together with Asch, in the arena
Prize: Fonic Blade

|| VJump Books
Special Mission: Defeat Kratos Aurion, together with Yggdrasil, in the arena
Prize: Rare Shield

Like Weekly Jump, you will need the passwords found in the respective magazines in order to access these. Hopefully some scans with the passwords will surface soon.

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As for downloadable quests, 4Gamer gave a list of the quests that will become available next week:

|| "A Battle You Can't Lose"
Available on: February 15
Info: This one apparently needs you to import a save file first, which I assume is Tales of Eternia PSP's, and download an item called Eternal Key. This will trigger the event, and will start a quest with Reid and Farah about gathering more Star Fragments.

|| "Seeking The Best Dish"
Available on: February 22
Info: There's an event with Natalia and Tytree for the quest. You complete the quest with Tytree, Will and Asch.

|| "Closed Heart, Lasting Future"
Available on: March 8
Info: There is an event with Rutee, Leon, Judas and Kyle for the quest, though you have to complete it only with Judas.

|| "The Wall I Have To Cross"
Available on: March 22
Info: There is an event with Kratos, Lloyd and Genis for the quest. Kratos is the instigator of the quest, and you complete it with Lloyd.

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