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A745 (or Abby, as most people call her) is the founder of Abyssal Chronicles. She is currently a doctor, but that doesn’t stop her from showing her love for the Tales of Series. She loves potato chips. A lot.

What's On With AC~

January 6, 2008 a745 0

So yeah, no updates in a while... Mainly because there aren't really any updates to begin with.

Slight Leave ^_^...

December 5, 2007 a745 0

Ahahaha, my copy of Tales of Innocence just came today (lol, a day early). So expect me to be away from the PC for a while, 'cause I'll be playing the game most of the time. We [Read More...]

Tales of Innocence Update + Media Update

November 27, 2007 a745 0

The ToI Staff Voice has just been updated today. Apparently,  SoftBank Creative will be releasing a "Weekly Tales of Innocence" which will consist of three volumes to be released weekly. The release dates for volumes 1, 2, and [Read More...]

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